Meet Haril

hp1 (2)Welcome to HarilEstate – an intersection of my personal musings and entrepreneurial activities combined with my professional endeavors as an Architect, designer, strategist, branding nerd and problem solver at NELSON Worldwide in a rapidly changing real estate industry.

It is often said by my industry colleagues and peers that being an Architect is not so much a job as it is a lifestyle.  This is because an Architect’s mind is always at work.  Creativity defines who we are and what we see the world to be, or better yet, what it could be.

I am Senior VP and Managing Director at NELSON in Boston, MA leading, growing, and setting the trend in the future of design, technology, innovation and sustainability at a national scale. In addition to being the National Design Leader for Architecture, I’m also the National Practice Leader in Asset Strategy where we focus on the repositioning and re-branding of commercial – sometimes historic – buildings to help upgrade and transform them while increasing their value for owners. Whether is highest and best use or Value-Add opportunities, our group cross collaborates with all expertise areas of the firm to provide the best and most beautiful solution possible. This unique part of the national practice leverages the best features and opportunities of a building, site or asset portfolio and unlocks its full potential. Specifically, the Boston office, in partnership with a strong multi-disciplined collaborative national practice, is focused on ground up Residential, Office, Lab/Life Science, Hospitality as well as Workplace, Retail, and of course – Asset Strategy (building repositioning, rebranding, highest best use, adaptive re-use, BOMA, tenant/owner services).

In order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, it’s essential that we understand and put into action how cities, communities, and buildings need to evolve, and even transform, in order to keep pace with the changing economy and demographic of users. This is an exciting time to work in this field as the emerging ‘Gen Z’ and Millennial workforce has spurred a new nationwide movement that is dramatically changing how we think about the workplace in terms of office design and productivity.

I’ve created this website as a way to introduce myself to you and to connect with others who see the world as I do – a place that is constantly growing and evolving, and we are here to help change it for the better.

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